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Suppressed research in the Soviet Union: Quiz


Question 1: Stalin enacted a decree in 1931 identifying dialectical materialism with Marxism Leninism, making it the official philosophy which would be enforced in all Communist states and, through the ________, in most Communist parties.
Right OppositionCommunismCominternLeft communism

Question 2: In the late 40's, some areas of physics, especially quantum mechanics but also special and general relativity, were also criticized on grounds of "________".

Question 3: [23] Statistical journals and university departments were closed; world renowned statisticians like ________ or Eugen Slutsky abandoned statistical research.
Andrey KolmogorovIsrael GelfandJohn G. ThompsonPaul Erdős

Question 4: Blokhintzev, developed a version of the statistical interpretation of quantum mechanics, which was seen as more adhering to the principles of ________.
Political philosophyDialectical materialismOntologyMarxism

Question 5: The planned victim was the Chemical Department of the ________ that carried out the related research.
Université Libre de BruxellesVilnius UniversityLomonosov Moscow State UniversityUniversity College London

Question 6: Pedology was a popular area of research on the base of numerous orphanages created after the ________.
Polish–Soviet WarSoviet UnionRussian Civil War1991 Soviet coup d'état attempt

Question 7: All research had to be founded on the philosophical base of ________.
Dialectical materialismMarxismPolitical philosophyOntology

Question 8: [citation needed] Soviet scientists never won a ________ or Turing Award.
Stanley Cohen (biochemist)Nobel Prize in Physiology or MedicineSalvador LuriaBarbara McClintock

Question 9: It was officially banned in 1936 after a special decree of ________ Central Committee "On Pedolodical Perversions in the Narkompros System" on July 4, 1936.
MarxismCommunismEast GermanyCommunist Party of the Soviet Union

Question 10: At different moments in Soviet history a number of research areas were declared "bourgeois pseudosciences", on ideological grounds, the most notable and harmful cases being these of genetics and ________.
Norbert WienerTalcott ParsonsControl theoryCybernetics

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