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Supply-side economics: Quiz


Question 1: If the result of changes to the tax structure is a ________ then the 'supply-side' policy is effectively stimulating demand through the Keynesian multiplier effect.
Government debtEconomic policyFiscal policyDeficit

Question 2:
Supply-side economics, Philadelphia Badlands and The Saudi Repatriates Report are all:
NPOV disputes from December 2007 Economic theories Article Feedback Pilot Taxation and efficiency

Question 3: ________
Objectivist movement
Social democracy
LiberalismSocialismIsaiah BerlinClassical liberalism

Question 4: [11] This theory focuses on the effects of marginal tax rates on the incentive to work and save, which affect the growth of the "supply side" or what ________ call potential output.
CapitalismEconomicsKeynesian economicsJohn Maynard Keynes

Question 5: Both supply-siders and their opponents have been keen to claim the mantles of thinkers as diverse as Karl Marx and ________.
Jeremy BenthamImmanuel KantDavid HumeAdam Smith

Question 6: ________
Chicago school
Classical economics
Keynesian economics
New Keynesian economics
Neoclassical economics
Supply-side economics
Institutional economics
New institutional economics
Lew RockwellFriedrich von HayekLudwig von MisesAustrian School

Question 7: The economist ________ noted that supply side economics was not a new theory.
Milton FriedmanJohn Kenneth GalbraithKeynesian economicsInstitutional economics

Question 8: In 1981, ________ told Ronald Reagan that by cutting upper bracket taxation rates and lowering tax rates on capital gains, national output would increase so much that tax revenues would also increase.
William VickreyRobert MundellLawrence KleinJames Tobin

Question 9: The fiscal policies of ________ were largely based on supply-side economics.
Gerald FordRichard NixonRonald ReaganGeorge H. W. Bush

Question 10:
Supply-side economics, Tax incentive and Capital flight are all:
Economic theories Taxation and efficiency NPOV disputes from December 2007 All NPOV disputes

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