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Suplex: Quiz


Question 1: The move is commonly referred to as a straight jacket suplex or an ________ suplex.
Mesoamerican chronologyInca EmpireAztecPre-Columbian era

Question 2: A suplex is an offensive move used in professional ________ (show wrestling).
Collegiate wrestlingTurkeyGreco-Roman wrestlingAmateur wrestling

Question 3: In Olympic and amateur wrestling there exists a move called a suplay, a ________ term.
Greco-Roman wrestlingFreestyle wrestlingCatch wrestlingCollegiate wrestling

Question 4: For example, common in ________ is the vertical suplex, which has the wrestlers begin face-to-face, then the attacker forces the opponent's head down and locks the opponent's arm around it.
Global Professional Wrestling AllianceProfessional wrestlingNational Wrestling AllianceWorld Wrestling Entertainment

Question 5: ________ died after receiving a belly to back suplex.
Kensuke SasakiMitsuharu MisawaGenichiro TenryuKenta Kobashi

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