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Supersessionism: Quiz


Question 1: Protestant views on supersessionism revolve around their understanding of the relationship between the various covenants of the Bible, particularly the relationship between the covenants of the Old Testament and the ________.
New CovenantBiblical apocryphaBiblical canonNew Testament

Question 2: Augustine (354–430) follows these views of the earlier ________, but he emphasizes the importance to Christianity of the continued existence of the Jewish people: "The Jews ...
East–West SchismEarly ChristianityCatholic ChurchChurch Fathers

Question 3: A natural misunderstanding of Dispensationalism sees the covenant of Sinai (dispensation #5) to have been replaced by the ________ (dispensation #6).
New TestamentApostle (Christian)GospelJesus

Question 4: The most prominent Protestant views on this relationship are called Law and Gospel, ________, New Covenant Theology, and Dispensationalism.
Second ComingChristian eschatologyCovenant theologyAntichrist

Question 5: The Jews by their sins, most prominently of rejecting Jesus as the Messiah, have forfeited any covenantal status."[10] See also ________.
New CovenantAntinomianismBiblical law in ChristianityCircumcision controversy in early Christianity

Question 6: [2] Prior to this time the word is attested in Scottish legal English to describe restraining orders against debt collection, restraint being its original ________ sense.
Roman EmpireVulgar LatinOld LatinLatin

Question 7: The early development of Dispensationalism is generally attributed to John Nelson Darby (1800–1882), initially of the Plymouth Brethren denomination, but later the founder of the ________.
John HowardExclusive BrethrenBehind the Exclusive BrethrenRaven-Taylor-Hales Brethren

Question 8: Covenant theology, while sometimes mixed with ________, is a framework for thinking about biblical ideas typical of (but not exclusive to) the Reformed churches (see also Roman Catholic Covenant Theology).
Justification (theology)LutheranismBaptismLaw and Gospel

Question 9: The approach among many early Protestants that predominates today in ________ and some Reformed churches emphasizes the discontinuity between the old covenant and the new and sees the Mosaic Law primarily as negative.
LutheranismProtestant ReformationApostles' CreedSacramental union

Question 10: In adopting the identity of "the true Israel," they necessarily see the Jewish people as false Israel (see, for example, Anglo-Israelism, Christian Identity and Black Hebrew Israelite, ________).
JesusIslamChristianityAbrahamic religions


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