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Supersaurus: Quiz


Question 1: Larger specimens of Brachiosaurus are known from the Tendaguru beds of ________, in east Africa.

Question 2: At the time, mass estimates ranged up to 180 tons, which placed it in the same category as the blue whale and the equally problematic ________.

Question 3: [4] The Brachiosaurus bones indicate a large, but not record-breaking individual, a little larger than the "Brachiosaurus" brancai (________ brancai) in the Humboldt Museum of Berlin.

Question 4: Paleontologist ________, who described the original Supersaurus specimen, simultaneously reported the discovery of another gigantic sauropod, which would later be named "Ultrasaurus" macintoshi[3] (later re-named Ultrasauros macintoshi).
UtahMorrison FormationJames A. JensenSalt Lake City

Question 5: Originally, it was thought that Supersaurus was related to the long-necked diplodocid Barosaurus (a member of the subfamily Diplodocinae), but the new specimen makes it clear that Supersaurus is actually more closely related to ________ (a member of the subfamily Apatosaurinae).

Question 6: The type specimen (the specimen used to define a new ________) of Ultrasauros, being a backbone (dorsal vertebra, labeled BYU 9044), was later found to have come from Supersaurus.
LifeSpeciesEvolutionBiological classification

Question 7: Supersaurus (meaning "super lizard") is a genus of diplodocid sauropod dinosaur discovered in the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation of ________ in 1972.

Question 8: However, the name of a new ________ must be published in a scientific journal to become official.
EvolutionLifeBiological classificationSpecies

Question 9: The original ________ remains of Supersaurus yielded only a few bones: the shoulder girdle (type specimen BYU 5500) and a few neck vertebrae.
PaleontologyFossilGeologic time scaleGeology


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