Supernova: Quiz


Question 1:
What role did Hollie Andrew play in the movie Supernova?
Dr. Jude Wardlaw
Prof. Pip Cartwright

Question 2: On average, supernovae occur about once every 50 years in a galaxy the size of the ________.
Virgo SuperclusterGalactic CenterMilky WayLocal Group

Question 3:
What role did Eliza Bennett play in the movie Supernova?
Lisa Delgado
Haley Richardson

Question 4:
What role did Gabino Diego play in the movie Supernova?
Karl Larson
Max Talbot
Dr. Chris Richardson

Question 5: [53] Type Ib supernovae are thought to be the result of the collapse of a massive ________.
Neutron starWolf-Rayet starSupergiantHypergiant

Question 6:
Who played Ginny McKillip the movie Supernova?
Clemency Burton-Hill
Isabelle Menke
Robin Tunney
Marta Sánchez

Question 7: [20] In 2009 ________ were discovered in Antarctic ice deposits that matched the times of past supernova events.

Question 8:
What role did Rob Brydon play in the movie Supernova?
Dr. Paul Hamilton
Dr. Austin Shepard
Conde Nado

Question 9:
Who played Dr. Kaela Evers the movie Supernova?
Angela Bassett
Angela Bassett
Emma Samms
Marta Sánchez

Question 10: In the later stages increasingly heavier elements with higher ________ undergo nuclear fusion.
PlutoniumBinding energyHydrogenAtom

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