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Superman Returns: Quiz


Question 1:
Who wrote Superman Returns?
Ernie Frankel
Guy McConnell
Erle Stanley Gardner
Bryan Singer

Question 2: Superman Returns was shot using ________'s Genesis digital camera.
35 mm filmPanavisionCinemaScopeWidescreen

Question 3:
Who did the editing for Superman Returns?
John Duffy
John Axness
John Broughton
John Ottman

Question 4:
What role did James Marsden play in the movie Superman Returns?
Lex Luthor
Clark Kent/Superman
Richard White
Perry White

Question 5:
Who played Perry White the movie Superman Returns?
Frank Langella
Brandon Routh
James Marsden
Frank Langella

Question 6: [27] Production designer Guy Hendrix Dyas was influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright's Johnson Wax Headquarters for the design of the ________.
Perry WhiteLois LaneMetropolis (comics)Daily Planet

Question 7:
Who of the following was a direct of Superman Returns?

Question 8: Spacey recommended Singer to cast Bosworth in the role because she co-starred with Spacey in Beyond the Sea (2004) as ________.
Night GalleryBobby DarinDiane VarsiSandra Dee

Question 9:
In US dollars, what was the budget of Superman Returns?
US$209 million
250,000 C$
CAD $40 million
147.8m HKD

Question 10: [80] The film was also released in both high definition formats, HD DVD - which featured both standard and high definitions on the same disk - and ________.
Blu-ray DiscVersatile Multilayer DiscChina Blue High-definition DiscOptical disc authoring

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