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Superman (vol. 2): Quiz


Question 1: Another major highlight during this series' run was ________ in Superman vol.
Superman & Batman: GenerationsThe Death of SupermanWorld's Finest ComicsSuperman/Batman

Question 2: Seagle, Scott McDaniel, Brian Azzarello, Michael Turner, Talent Caldwell, ________, Scott Williams, Mark Verheiden, and Ed Benes.
Marvel ComicsAlpha FlightJean GreyJim Lee

Question 3: Superman (volume 2) reached issue #226 (April 2006) and was then cancelled as part of the companywide ________ storyline.
Infinite CrisisFinal CrisisCrisis on Infinite EarthsOne Year Later

Question 4: This series was first launched after John Byrne revamped the Superman character in 1986 in The Man of Steel limited series, introducing the post-________ Superman.
One Year LaterInfinite CrisisCrisis on Infinite EarthsFinal Crisis


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