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Superman (Earth-Two): Quiz


Question 1: However, Superman was one of the few exceptions; his stories had been published without interruption since his debut in 1938's ________ #1.
DC Comics PresentsSuperman (comic book)Superman/BatmanAction Comics

Question 2:
Who created Superman (Earth-Two)?
Mike Friedrich Dick Dillin
Dennis O'Neil, Jim Aparo
Dennis O'Neil and Dick Dillin
Stan Lee and Dick Ayers

Question 3:
What was Superman (Earth-Two) allied to?

Question 4: The names "Kal-El", "________" and "Jonathan and Martha Kent" on Earth-One became "Kal-L", "Jor-L" and "John and Mary Kent" on Earth-Two.
Jor-ElLex LuthorKrypton (comics)Superman

Question 5: Kal-L and his wife Lois Lane Kent of pre-Crisis Earth-Two return to the DC Universe as soulless Black Lanterns in the midst of the ________.
Superboy-PrimeBlackest NightSolomon Grundy (comics)Brightest Day

Question 6:
When did Superman (Earth-Two) make his debut?
Fantastic Four #240
Justice League of America #73
: Avengers #12
Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1

Question 7: Batman, however, asks Kal-L if the ________ of this Earth is a corrupted version of Kal-L's one, and attempts to use the Kryptonite ring against him.
Barbara GordonCatwomanDick GraysonBatman franchise media

Question 8: This caused a continuity problem, specifically that Superman was simultaneously a member of the ________ on Earth-Two and also member of the Justice League of America on Earth-One.
Black CanarySeven Soldiers of VictoryGolden Age of Comic BooksJustice Society of America

Question 9: The Superman of Earth-Two is a fictional character, a comic book superhero published by ________.
DC ComicsAmerican comic bookBatmanVertigo (DC Comics)

Question 10: In the Justice League episode "Legends", the League team up with the "Justice Guild of America", an analogue of the ________.
Seven Soldiers of VictoryEarth-TwoJustice Society of AmericaBlack Canary


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