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Superior laryngeal nerve: Quiz


Question 1: cranialnerves at The Anatomy Lesson by Wesley Norman (________) (X)
Georgetown HoyasRutgers UniversityGeorgetown UniversitySyracuse University

Question 2: It descends, by the side of the pharynx, behind the ________, and divides into two branches:
Internal carotid arteryHead and neck anatomyVertebral arteryExternal carotid artery

Question 3: This article was originally based on an entry from a ________ edition of Gray's Anatomy. As such, some of the information contained within it may be outdated.
Intellectual propertyPublic domainCopyright infringementCopyright

Question 4: The superior laryngeal nerve is a branch of the ________.
Head and neck anatomyAccessory nerveGlossopharyngeal nerveVagus nerve


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