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Question 1: It was revealed in ________ that Saturday controls the Bathroom Attendants; Denizens who "wash between the ears" of Piper's children, removing their memories.
Mister MondaySir ThursdayDrowned WednesdayLady Friday

Question 2: Superior Saturday is the sixth novel by Garth Nix in his ________ series.
Lady FridayMister MondaySir ThursdayThe Keys to the Kingdom

Question 3: A Cocigrue has the power to control the minds of anyone whom it touches, using the ________ of a symbiotic fungoid as a means of doing so.
Cell wallFernSporePlant

Question 4: She also (up to the events of ________) controlled the Army of the Architect through Thursday.
Lady FridayMister MondayDrowned WednesdaySir Thursday


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