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Superhuman: Quiz


Question 1: Ludens featured in ________'s Noon Universe are an example of a superhuman race.
Roadside PicnicArkady and Boris StrugatskyMonday Begins on SaturdayStalker (film)

Question 2: ________ includes many superhumans, such as the Space Marines, who are among the most powerful soldiers in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.
Warhammer 40,000NecromundaWarhammer Fantasy BattleWarhammer 40,000: Space Marine

Question 3: According to transhumanist thinkers, a posthuman is a hypothetical ________ being "whose basic capacities so radically exceed those of present humans as to be no longer unambiguously human by our current standards.

Question 4: Instead, they are usually reserved for descriptive articles such as the ________.
NamorAvengers (comics)Wolverine (comics)Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe

Question 5: The Dune prequels also describe nearly-immortal brain-in-a-jar cyborgs called ________ and advanced artificial intelligence.
Chapterhouse: DuneDune (novel)Technology of the Dune universeDune universe

Question 6: Xenocide (1991) by ________ involves a group of superhumans with highly superior intelligence and obsessive-compulsive disorder-like symptoms.
Hidden EmpireEnder's GameSpeaker for the DeadOrson Scott Card

Question 7: Superhuman can mean an improved human, for example, by ________, cybernetic implants, or as what humans might evolve into, in the distant future.
DNARNAGeneticsGenetic engineering

Question 8: The term is often used in discussions of comic book characters because the terms ________ and super hero are registered as trademarks.
SupermanSupergirl (Kara Zor-El)Superboy (Kon-El)Darkseid

Question 9: The concept of the superhuman is quite popular in science fiction, where superhumans are often ________, mutants, aliens, telepaths, the product of ongoing human evolution or genetically engineered.
CyberspaceTranshumanismCyborgIntelligence amplification

Question 10: Some ________ restrict the term to the non-therapeutic application of specific technologiesneuro-, cyber-, gene-, and nano-technologies — to human biology.
Medical ethicsAristotleBioethicsConscience

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