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Question 1:
Who played Superhero the movie Superhero?
Justin Strydom
Rayce Gibson
Justin Strydom
Loyiso Gxwala

Question 2: Rider: A hero who rides either a powerful vehicle, like Ghost Rider or the Silver Surfer; or rides a unique creature, like ________.
Shining KnightEarth-TwoSpectre (comics)Gardner Fox

Question 3: This visual treatment of women in American comics has led to accusations of systemic ________ and objectification.

Question 4: In 1966, ________ introduced the Black Panther, an African king who became the first non-caricatured black superhero[20].
Marvel EntertainmentMarvel StudiosMarvel AnimationMarvel Comics

Question 5:
What role did Peter Jurasik play in the movie Superhero?
Principal Steinberg
Jeremy Champion

Question 6: Many superhero franchises resemble crime fiction (________, Punisher), others horror fiction (Spawn, Spectre) and others more standard science fiction (Green Lantern, X-Men).
BatmanSuperman & Batman: GenerationsCopperhead (DC Comics)Superman/Batman

Question 7:
What role did Justin Strydom play in the movie Superhero?
Jeremy Champion

Question 8:   Some characters wear helmets, such as ________ or Magneto.
Power GirlAlan ScottDoctor FateSpectre (comics)

Question 9: The first ________ superhero, the Falcon, followed in 1969, and three years later, Luke Cage, a self-styled "hero-for-hire", became the first black superhero to star in his own series.
Great Migration (African American)African American cultureAfrican-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)African American

Question 10: Nevertheless, variations on the term "Super Hero" are jointly claimed by ________ and Marvel Comics as trademarks.
SuperheroDC ComicsSupermanVertigo (DC Comics)

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