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Superheating: Quiz


Question 1: When the container is removed, the water still appears to be below the ________.
Phase transitionMelting pointBoiling pointCritical point (thermodynamics)

Question 2: For a vapor bubble to expand, the temperature must be high enough that the vapor pressure exceeds the ambient pressure – the ________, primarily.
WindPrecipitation (meteorology)Atmospheric pressureLightning

Question 3: Superheating is achieved by heating a homogeneous substance in a clean container, free of ________ sites, while taking care not to disturb the liquid.
Crystal growthFreezingSupersaturationNucleation

Question 4: [3] The boiling can be triggered by jostling the cup, inserting a stirring device, or adding a substance like ________ or sugar.
Caffè correttoInstant coffeeCaffeineCoffea

Question 5: Superheating can occur when a person heats an undisturbed cup of water in a ________.
AluminiumMicrowave ovenCarcinogenX-ray

Question 6: The chances of superheating are greater with smooth containers, because scratches or chips can house small pockets of air, which serve as ________ points.
Crystal growthSupersaturationNucleationFreezing

Question 7: In physics, superheating (sometimes referred to as boiling retardation, or boiling delay) is the phenomenon in which a liquid is heated to a temperature higher than its ________, without boiling.
Boiling pointPhase transitionMelting pointCritical point (thermodynamics)

Question 8: The cause is an additional force, the ________, which suppresses the growth of bubbles.
Fluid staticsViscositySurface tensionFluid dynamics


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