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Question 1: Supergirl is a monthly comic book series that features the ________ character of the same name.
SuperheroVertigo (DC Comics)DC ComicsSuperman

Question 2: It was spun off from ________ with issue #19 of that series being republished as issue #0 of Supergirl.
World's Finest ComicsSuperman and Batman versus Aliens and PredatorSuperman & Batman: GenerationsSuperman/Batman

Question 3: Supergirl and ________ are fighting on Kandor disguised as Flamebird and Nightwing respectively.
Superboy (Kon-El)Superboy-PrimeSuperman (Earth-Two)Power Girl

Question 4: The next story arc, "Candor" (issues #6-8), is kicked off with an issue guest written by ________.
James Robinson (comics)Greg RuckaBatmanEisner Award

Question 5: When Lex Luthor exposes her to black ________, a doppelgänger emerges wearing a sleek black costume.
Lois LaneSupermanJimmy OlsenKryptonite


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