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Superfecundation: Quiz


Question 1: On ________ in 2001, longtime heroine Victoria Lord Davidson discovers her twin daughters have different fathers.
One Life to LiveAgnes NixonLlanview, PennsylvaniaTodd Manning

Question 2: On his talk show, ________ once discovered that a man was the father of one twin and not the other.
Maury PovichMetromediaLos AngelesNBC Universal Television Group

Question 3: In ________'s novel East of Eden, the twin brothers Caleb and Aaron may have different fathers.
Aleksandr SolzhenitsynErnest HemingwayJohn SteinbeckOf Mice and Men

Question 4: In ________, Heracles and his twin Iphicles are examples of heteropaternal superfecundation, with Heracles fathered by the god Zeus and Iphicles by a mortal man Amphitryon.
ApolloMuseGreek mythologyTrojan War

Question 5: In ________, Nakula and his twin brother Sahadeva born to Madri are examples of superfecundation, each fathered by one of the ashvins.
Hindu mythological warsVishnuTrimurtiHindu mythology

Question 6: Similarly, the character ________ on CBS's Guiding Light initially believes her twins have different fathers, but they are later proven to both be her husband's biological children.
Alan-Michael SpauldingBlake MarlerRick Bauer (Guiding Light)Phillip Spaulding

Question 7: ________ is usually suspended during pregnancy to prevent further ova becoming fertilized and to help increase the chances of a full term pregnancy.
MenopauseFollicular phaseOvulationMenstrual cycle

Question 8: Superfecundation is the ________ of two or more ova from the same cycle by sperm from separate acts of sexual intercourse.
EmbryoFertilisationHuman embryogenesisPrenatal development

Question 9: In another Greek myth, Leda conceives four children (Helen of Troy, Clytemnestra, and ________) in the same night by two different men.
Roman mythologyCastor and PolluxImperial cult (ancient Rome)Apollo

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