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Question 1: The ________'s supercruise capabilities are touted, with or without justification, as a major performance advantage over other fighters.
F-22 RaptorC-5 GalaxyLockheed AC-130Lockheed HC-130

Question 2: ________[12][13]
Hawker HunterSaab 35 DrakenSaab 37 ViggenJAS 39 Gripen

Question 3: Supercruise is sustained supersonic flight of an aircraft with a useful cargo, passenger, or weapons load performed efficiently and without the use of ________ ("reheat").

Question 4: Many of the fighters listed as capable of supercruise can only marginally exceed the ________ without afterburners and may only be able to do so without an external weapons load.
Specific heat capacityHeliumSpeed of soundAcoustic impedance

Question 5: The TSR-2 used Bristol Olympus engines, a later version of which would also power ________.
ConcordeAirbusBAC TSR-2Boeing 747

Question 6: In day-to-day operation the ________ and Concorde both used afterburners to accelerate quickly through the high-drag transonic flight regime before deactivating them to supercruise.
Tupolev Tu-144Tupolev SBTupolev Tu-95Tupolev Tu-160

Question 7: ________
F-20 TigersharkNorthrop F-5F/A-18 HornetNorthrop YF-23

Question 8: ________ (The first aircraft capable of supercruise)
Panavia TornadoEnglish Electric LightningBAC TSR-2Concorde

Question 9: The afterburners acted essentially as ________ and these types of engines achieve peak efficiency at around Mach 3.
Aircraft engineTurbopropRamjetTurbofan

Question 10: The first turbine-powered aircraft to exceed Mach 1 in level flight without afterburners was the P.1 prototype of the ________, on August 11, 1954.
ConcordeBAC TSR-2Panavia TornadoEnglish Electric Lightning


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