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Supercontinent cycle: Quiz


Question 1: The last supercontinent, ________, formed about 300 million years ago.

Question 2: The supercontinent cycle describes the quasi-periodic aggregation and dispersal of ________'s continental crust.

Question 3: For example, the supercontinent before Pannotia, ________, existed ~1.1 billion to ~750 million years ago - a mere 150 million years before Pannotia.

Question 4: This is the situation that was observed during the Paleozoic Supercontinent Cycle and is being observed for the ________-Cenozoic Supercontinent Cycle, still in progress.
Geologic time scaleCretaceousMesozoicDinosaur

Question 5: As ________ occurs more frequently in small populations, diversity is an observed consequence of isolation.
EvolutionGenetic driftNatural selectionPopulation genetics

Question 6: Periods of Greenhouse Climate: Early Paleozoic, ________-Early Cenozoic.
CretaceousMesozoicGeologic time scaleDinosaur


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