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Supercontinent: Quiz


Question 1: In ________, a supercontinent is a landmass comprising more than one continental core, or craton.
EarthNatureEarth scienceGeology

Question 2: Eventually, the ________ will begin to dome upward and crack, magma will then rise, and the fragments will be pushed apart.
EarthCrust (geology)LithospherePlate tectonics

Question 3: The supercontinent ________ broke up roughly 750 million years ago.

Question 4: Pangaea subsequently broke up into the northern and southern supercontinents, Laurasia and ________.

Question 5: The supercontinent cycle theory postulates that supercontinents form in cycles, coming together and breaking apart again through ________, very roughly about every 250 million years.
North American PlatePlate tectonicsEarthGeology

Question 6: Most commonly, paleogeographers employ the term supercontinent to refer to a single landmass consisting of all the modern ________.
EuropeAsiaNorth AmericaContinent

Question 7: Plate tectonics brought the fragments of Rodinia back together in a different configuration during the late Paleozoic era, forming the best-known supercontinent, ________.

Question 8: The assembly of cratons and accreted terranes that form ________[1] qualifies as a supercontinent today.
EuropeSouth AmericaEurasiaAfrica

Question 9: Supercontinents block the flow of heat from the ________'s interior, and thus cause the asthenosphere to overheat.

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