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Question 1: [10] The song "Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari" was used as the ending theme song for the 2009 ________ anime series,[11] and the single also included two tracks featured in the 2009 animated film Cencoroll.
KatanagatariBakemonogatariDeath NoteNisio Isin

Question 2: A "Pilot Edition" of the anime was released on DVD and ________ on September 30, 2009.
China Blue High-definition DiscBlu-ray DiscOptical disc authoringHD DVD

Question 3: Supercell started out by making use of the Hatsune Miku singing synthesizer to produce vocals for songs submitted to the ________ video sharing website.
YouTube2channelJapanNico Nico Douga

Question 4: An ________ project entitled Black Rock Shooter will be released in spring 2010 based on the song "Black Rock Shooter" and its original music video featuring illustrations by Huke.
AnimeOriginal video animationSaint SeiyaDirect-to-video


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