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Superboy (Kon-El): Quiz


Question 1:
What powers does Superboy (Kon-El) have?
Kryptonian powers:
probability manipulation.
The ability to phase in and out of time, creating duplicates of himself.
Superhuman strength and durability

Question 2: While battling Prime at the end of time, Superman, Lightning Lad, ________, and Saturn Girl battle against the Time Trapper who is revealed to be an adult Superboy-Prime.
DarkseidBrainiac 5Ayla RanzzCosmic Boy

Question 3: However, it is later shown that ________'s future self has the goggles, suggesting it would rebuilt.
Superman52 (comics)Booster GoldJustice League

Question 4:
When did Superboy (Kon-El) make his debut?
Showcase #8
Adventures of Superman #500
Flash Comics #1

Question 5: This was the result of 31st century minions of ________ stealing Earth's mightiest heroes from the past and turning them into warriors of the future Apokolips.
Superboy (Kon-El)DarkseidSuperboy-PrimeSuperman

Question 6: His look was designed to be a ________ of 1990s superhero costumes.
Pastiche"Weird Al" YankovicMass (music)Postmodernism

Question 7:
Who created Superboy (Kon-El)?

Question 8: In the 9th season of ________, Clark starts wearing a black "S" Shield T-shirt.
SupermanSuperman (comic strip)SmallvilleLois Lane

Question 9: He is dressed in a red Smallville high sweater and is standing behind Martha Kent and ________ at the tomb of her husband, the late Jonathan "Pa" Kent.
Lois LaneSupermanClark KentJimmy Olsen

Question 10: [44] Robin has a glass case memorial to Conner, which contains Conner's last costume, the jeans and S-shield T-shirt, similar to the memorial ________ keeps for the second Robin, Jason Todd.
Copperhead (DC Comics)Superman & Batman: GenerationsSuperman/BatmanBatman


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