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Superboy: Quiz


Question 1:
Who played Cop the telemovie Superboy?
Fred Ornstein
Richard Marcus
Paul Brown
Eric Whitmore

Question 2:
Who played Commander the telemovie Superboy?
Antoni Corone
John Swindells
Michael Marzella
Thom Scoggins

Question 3:
What role did Phil Fondacaro play in the telemovie Superboy?
Superboy/Clark Kent
Clark Kent/Superboy/The Sovreign

Question 4:
Who played Leo the telemovie Superboy?
George Maharis
Philip J. Celia
Bruce Hamilton
Michael Manno

Question 5:
What role did Brian Thompson play in the telemovie Superboy?
The Golem
Mr. Mxyzptlk

Question 6: At the age of 14, "Kal Brande", also known as Superboy, joins ________ and Saturn Girl in forming "Superboy's Legion", later known as the Legion of Super-Heroes.
Cosmic BoyAyla RanzzBrainiac 5Superman

Question 7:
Who played Lorraine the telemovie Superboy?
Alice McGill
Roxie Stice
Stacy Haiduk
Leslee Lacey

Question 8:
Who played Advisor #1 the telemovie Superboy?
Jacob Witkin
Andreas Wisniewski
Fred Ornstein
Jay Underwood

Question 9:
What role did Kenneth Robert Shippy play in the telemovie Superboy?
Dr. Winger
Clark Kent/Superboy/Vic

Question 10:
Who played Warren Ordway the telemovie Superboy?
Jay Underwood
Tom Schuster
Richard Voigts
Michael Manno

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