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Superalloy: Quiz


Question 1: By far the most important strengthening mechanism is through the formation of secondary phase precipitates such as gamma prime and carbides through ________.
Precipitation hardeningAluminiumCopperMetallurgy

Question 2: By developing an understanding of the basic ________ behind these nanoparticle formations, there is speculation that it might be possible to expand research into other aspects of superalloys.
Ceramic engineeringMetallurgyPharmacologyMaterials science

Question 3: ________ dissociate in the γ'-phase, leading to the formation of an anti-phase boundary.
DislocationCrystal structureMetalMaterials science

Question 4: The parts are loaded into boxes that contain a mixture of powders: active coating material, containing aluminium, activator (chloride or fluoride), and thermal ballast, like ________.
Aluminium oxideAluminium hydroxideAluminium sulfateAluminium chloride

Question 5: A superalloy's base alloying element is usually nickel, ________, or nickel-iron.

Question 6: In pure Ni3Al phase ________ of aluminium are placed at the vertices of the cubic cell and form the sublattice A.

Question 7: Polycrystalline Ni-base superalloys are used for the disks of the high pressure turbine which can be created using ________ or casting technology.
NiobiumTitaniumAluminiumPowder metallurgy

Question 8: for turbine blades for hot sections of ________.
Swing-piston engineRocket engine nozzleJet engineRocket engine

Question 9: The structure of most ________ nickel-base superalloys consists of the gamma matrix, and of intermetallic γ' precipitates.
Precipitation hardeningAluminiumMetallurgyCopper

Question 10: ________ is studying a new method for making superalloys, known as radiolysis.
Orion (spacecraft)FGM-148 JavelinLawrence Berkeley National LaboratorySandia National Laboratories


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