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Super Game Boy: Quiz


Question 1: Contrary to rumours, the system is unable to run ________-exclusive games.
Game Boy ColorGame Boy AdvanceGame Boy lineNintendo DSi

Question 2: The Super Game Boy allows game cartridges designed for use on the ________ to be played on a TV display using the SNES/Super Famicom controllers.
Game Boy AdvanceGame Boy lineGame BoyGame Boy Color

Question 3: When it was released in 1994, the Super Game Boy sold for about $60 in the ________.
AlaskaCanadaPhilippinesUnited States

Question 4: The GB Hunter is one of two ________ items released by EMS Production Ltd., the other being the N64 Passport.
Nintendo GameCubeNintendo 64Nintendo Entertainment SystemSuper Nintendo Entertainment System

Question 5: Some games have features only available through the Super Game Boy 2, such as a special ________ border.
Tetris: The Soviet Mind GameTetris AttackTetris DSTetris (Game Boy)

Question 6: In the United Kingdom, it retailed for £49.99 It was the precursor to the ________ on the Nintendo GameCube, which functioned in a similar manner.
Game Boy PlayerPokémon miniGame Boy AdvanceGame Boy line

Question 7: On the GameCube, the ________ was released in 2003, which could play Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games.
Game Boy lineSuper Nintendo Entertainment SystemPokémon miniGame Boy Player

Question 8: The Super Game Boy was compatible with the original monochrome ________ cartridges and black Game Boy Color cartridges, although it would display the latter in their monochrome compatibility mode.
Game Boy lineNintendo DSiGame BoyGame Boy Advance

Question 9: It is a ________ emulator for the Nintendo 64.
Game Boy ColorGame BoyGame Boy lineGame Boy Advance

Question 10: A ________ AGB was released for the N64, which allowed Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles to be played on a television.
Nintendo 64DDNintendo 64Nintendo 64 accessoriesRumble Pak

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