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Super Bowl XL: Quiz


Question 1:
How many people attended Super Bowl XL?

Question 2:
What rating is given to Super Bowl XL?

Question 3:
What network screens Super Bowl XL?

Question 4:
Who of the following was a referee in Super Bowl XL?

Question 5: However, the Steelers lost to eventual Super Bowl champion ________ in the AFC Championship Game.
New England PatriotsBill Belichick2009 New England Patriots seasonTom Brady

Question 6: The USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter, which measures viewer online reaction to all Super Bowl ads, found the ________ "Magic Refrigerator" spot ranked as the top spot.
Anheuser–Busch InBevAnheuser-Busch brandsBudweiser (Anheuser-Busch)Rolling Rock

Question 7: Although the Super Bowl had largely been presented in high definition since ________, Super Bowl XL would be the first Super Bowl where all aspects of the game itself were aired in HD.
St. Louis RamsSuper Bowl XXXVISuper Bowl XXXIVMarshall Faulk

Question 8: The Steelers rushing attack was powered by an offensive line led by Pro Bowl guard ________ and Pro Bowl reserve center Jeff Hartings.
Alan FanecaCasey HamptonBen RoethlisbergerTroy Polamalu

Question 9:
What is the street address of Super Bowl XL?
Detroit, Michigan
East Providence
Lakeview, Oregon

Question 10: Although the participating teams each entered "as a team" for their introduction, the Steelers insisted on sending ________ out ahead of the rest of the team in front of his hometown crowd.
Jerome BettisEric DickersonRoman GabrielBen Roethlisberger

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