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Question 1: SuperCollider is an environment and programming language originally released in 1996 by James McCartney for real-time audio synthesis and ________.
AutechreMusicComputer musicAlgorithmic composition

Question 2: SuperCollider language environments (see below) are typically used, but other OSC-aware systems can be used such as ________.
FreeBSDPure DataMax (software)Computer music

Question 3: For each of the above environments, a ________ enables the real-time execution of SuperCollider code and interaction with the audio server.
Plug-in (computing)Mozilla FirefoxAdobe FlashNetscape (web browser)

Question 4: Released under the terms of the ________ in 2002, SuperCollider is free software.
Free Software FoundationGNU Lesser General Public LicenseGNU General Public LicenseGNOME

Question 5: By supporting methods of reflective, conversational and ________, SuperCollider makes it relatively easy to find new sound algorithms[6] and to develop custom software as well as custom frameworks.
Literate programmingC++PseudocodeTeX

Question 6: It may be used to generate ________ algorithmically.
Scalable Vector GraphicsVector graphicsComputer graphicsBézier curve

Question 7: As a versatile dynamic programming language, SuperCollider can be used for ________, i.e.
Algorithmic compositionComputer musicElectronic musicMUSIC-N

Question 8: Further features typical of functional languages, like closure creation via partial application (explicit currying / schönfinkelling), Tail call optimization, ________ and coroutines are supported.
List comprehensionFilter (higher-order function)Python (programming language)Map (higher-order function)

Question 9: The standard ________ with user interface components may be extended by a number of available frameworks.
Mac OS XUnix.NET FrameworkLibrary (computing)

Question 10: SuperCollider is also available on a Live CD called pure:dyne (a GNU/Linux distribution based on ________).
Ubuntu (operating system)Fedora (operating system)DebianXubuntu

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