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Question 1:
What area does Sunrise (company) serve?
Tokyo and Kanagawa whichi are Japan.
Japan, International
Central Japan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai

Question 2:
What industry is Sunrise (company) in?
Animation studio and production enterprise
Capital Markets and allied industries
Leisure, Entertainment & Refreshments

Question 3:
What city is Sunrise (company) based in?

Question 4:
What type is thing is Sunrise (company)?
Subsidiary of Namco Bandai
Oil on oak
Off-Off Broadway

Question 5:
What country is Sunrise (company) based in?
Republic of South Africa
UK, Canada, USA

Question 6:
When was Sunrise (company) founded?
October, 1972
September 1972
1972 as Cintas

Question 7:
How many employees does Sunrise (company) have?
~ 200
200 -

Question 8:
Who of the following is a key person at Sunrise (company)?
Takayuki Yoshii
Christophe Camborde, Chairman and managing director, Founder
Bobby D. O'Brien, President
Charley English, Director of Homeland Security for GEMA

Question 9: [3] Its headquarters is located in Suginami, ________.
Minato, TokyoTokyoBeijingGreater Tokyo Area

Question 10: According to an interview with members of Sunrise the studio was founded by former members of Mushi Production in ________, under the name Sunrise Studio, Ltd. (有限会社サンライズスタジオ Yugen-kaisha Sanraizu Sutajio?

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