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Sunglasses: Quiz


Question 1: In the early ________ they were also known as sun cheaters (cheaters being an American slang term for glasses).
20th century events20th century19th century21st century

Question 2: Yellow/amber and brown-tinted spectacles were also a commonly-prescribed item for people with ________ in the 19th and early 20th centuries because sensitivity to light was one of the symptoms of the disease.
SyphilisMolluscum contagiosumHerpes simplexErythema chronicum migrans

Question 3: ________ (Trigun) wears yellow-lens teashades.
List of Trigun mediaList of Trigun charactersAkio OhtsukaYasuhiro Nightow

Question 4: Various types of disposable sunglasses are dispensed to patients after receiving mydriatic eye drops during ________.
Neurological examinationEye examinationRinne testWeber test

Question 5: These sunglasses are used in water sports such as surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, kayaking, jet skiing, ________, and water skiing.
El RolloARS (bodyboard)BodyboardingBat tail

Question 6: Frames are generally made of plastic, nylon, a ________ or a metal alloy.
NonmetalNoble gasHalogenMetal

Question 7: [7] The latter allow the passage of enough light so normal evening activities can continue, while blocking the light that prevents production of the ________ melatonin.
TestosteroneProgesteroneEndocrine systemHormone

Question 8: They can sometimes also function as a visual aid, as variously termed spectacles or ________ exist which feature lenses that are colored, polarized or darkened.
Lens (optics)SunglassesGlassesOptics

Question 9: The lenses used colored dyes and small zinc ________ particles; zinc oxide absorbs ultaviolet light and is also used in sunscreen lotions.

Question 10: Sunglasses have long been associated with celebrities and film ________ primarily from a desire to hide or mask their identity.

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