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Sunflower oil: Quiz


Question 1: [9] Similar effect was observed on ________.
TeratomaICD-10 Chapter II: NeoplasmsTesticular cancerProstate cancer

Question 2: Sunflower oil is commonly used in food as a frying oil, and in ________ formulations as an emollient.
L'OréalHair removalNiveaCosmetics

Question 3: As a frying oil, sunflower oil behaves as a typical vegetable ________.
TriglycerideCholesterolFatty acidLipid

Question 4: Linoleic sunflower oil is a common cooking oil that has high levels of the essential ________ called polyunsaturated fat.
Butyric acidLipidLinoleic acidFatty acid

Question 5: It is also known for having a clean taste and low levels of ________.
AtherosclerosisLow-density lipoproteinTrans fatCholesterol

Question 6: Sunflower oil also contains lecithin, tocopherols, ________ and waxes.

Question 7: Sunflower oil contains predominantly ________ in triglyceride form.
Fatty acidButyric acidLinoleic acidArachidonic acid

Question 8: Only the high-oleic variety possesses ________ sufficient for commercial cosmetic formulation.
Shelf lifeFoodBacteriaFoodborne illness

Question 9: Sunflower oil is the non-volatile oil expressed from ________ (Helianthus annuus) seeds.
SugarcanePanicum virgatumChinese tallowSunflower

Question 10: Sunflower oil is high in the essential vitamin E and low in ________.
Trans fatFatty acidOmega-3 fatty acidSaturated fat


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