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Sundial: Quiz


Question 1: Depending on the geographical ________ and time of year, the light-spot follows a conic section, such as the hyperbolae of the pelikonon.
Prime MeridianEquatorLatitudeAntarctic Circle

Question 2: A sundial is a device that measures time by the position of the ________.
StarEarthSolar SystemSun

Question 3: Prismatic dials are a special case of polar dials, in which the sharp edges of a prism of a concave ________ serve as the styles and the sides of the prism receive the shadow.
PolyhedronPolytopeRegular polytopePolygon

Question 4: [4] A vertical direct south sundial in the Northern Hemisphere becomes a vertical direct north sundial in the ________ ; an opposite.
South AfricaSouthern HemisphereMozambiqueMaldives

Question 5: However, a horizontal sundial is impractical on the Earth's ________, where λ equals 0°, the style would lie flat in the plane and cast no shadow.
1st parallel northEquator5th parallel north1st parallel south

Question 6: Heliochronometers usually indicate the minutes to within 1 minute of ________.
SecondTropical yearCoordinated Universal TimeUniversal Time

Question 7: To be accurate such sundials must have been designed for that latitude and their style must be parallel to the Earth's rotational axis; the style must be aligned with true North and its angle with the horizontal must equal the local geographical ________.
Prime MeridianEquatorAntarctic CircleLatitude

Question 8: A ________ can cover 60° of longitude, so any point within that zone will experience time difference with the reference longitude, equivalent to 4 minutes of time per degree.
Radio clockTime zoneTime offsetCoordinated Universal Time

Question 9: Analemmatic sundials are a common feature at science museums , ________ and public parks.

Question 10: Near the ________ in spring and autumn, the sun moves on a circle that is nearly the same as the equatorial plane; hence, no clear shadow is produced on the equatorial dial at those times of year, a drawback of the design.

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