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Question 1: Many comic strips appear both daily and Sunday, in some cases, as with ________, telling the same story daily and Sunday, in other cases, as with The Phantom, telling one story in the daily and a different story in the Sunday.
Al CappAnnie (musical)Little Orphan AnnieLi'l Abner

Question 2: ________ was the first strip to do this, followed by Outland and later Opus.
DoonesburyGarfieldCalvin and HobbesFor Better or For Worse

Question 3: A Sunday strip is a newspaper ________ format, where comic strips are printed in the Sunday newspaper, usually in a special section called the Sunday comics, and virtually always in full color.
Comic stripNational Cartoonists SocietyComic strip formatsComic book

Question 4: Exceptions to this rule include ________ and, until its last few years, On Stage, which are complete only in the third format.
United StatesMilton CaniffDean FredericksSteve Canyon

Question 5: Some strips, such as ________ appear only on Sunday.
Prince ValiantDennis the Menace (U.S.)Phantom (comics)Flash Gordon

Question 6: The Sunday strip is contrasted with the ________, published Monday through Saturday, usually in black and white.
Comic strip formatsComicsNational Cartoonists SocietyComic strip

Question 7: Others, such as ________, are daily only and have never appeared on Sunday.
Flash GordonSecret Agent X-9Rip KirbyBarney Google and Snuffy Smith

Question 8: Currently, the largest and most complete format for most Sunday strips, such as ________, is the half page.
PeanutsCharles M. SchulzSnoopyYou're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Question 9: Subject matter and genres have ranged from adventure, detective and humor strips to soap opera strips such as ________.
Felix the CatBeetle BaileyMary WorthRex Morgan, M.D.

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