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Sun Microsystems: Quiz


Question 1: Sun Microsystems, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Oracle Corporation, selling computers, computer components, ________, and information technology services.
Computer softwareLinuxJava (programming language)ASP.NET

Question 2: What does the following picture show?

  Sun in Markham, Ontario, Canada
  Buildings 21 and 22 at Sun's headquarters campus in Santa Clara
  Sun server racks at Seneca College (York Campus)

Question 3:
What industry is Sun Microsystems in?
Diversified computer systems
diversified media and broadcasting
Hospitality Systems, Computer hardware

Question 4:

Question 5:
When was Sun Microsystems founded?

Question 6:
Who of the following is a key person at Sun Microsystems?
JON EPSTEIN, President of Fila U.S.A., Inc.
Jeffrey Epstein
Richard Jeffrey, Chief Executive
Treasurer Harry M. Epstein

Question 7: Even so, Sun kept its hand in the x86 world, as a release of Solaris for ________ began shipping in 1993.
MacintoshOperating systemIBM PC compatiblePersonal computer

Question 8:
What is the company slogan of Sun Microsystems?
The Vertical Search Company
The Network is the Computer
Know Your Code
Sense of Urgency

Question 9: In the late 1980s, Sun also marketed an ________-based machine, the Sun386i; this was designed to be a hybrid system, running SunOS but at the same time supporting DOS applications.
Intel 8086Intel 80486Intel 80386Intel Corporation

Question 10:
Sun Microsystems, Electronic Arts and Adobe Systems are all:
Computer hardware companies Companies established in 1982 Sun Microsystems Computer companies of the United States


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