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Sun Belt: Quiz


Question 1: Also, over the past several decades, ________ has made it easier for people to deal with the heat in portions of the region during the summertime.
Air conditionerEvaporative coolerHVACAir conditioning

Question 2: ________ - 5.5 million (2009 est.), GMP: $270.2 billion
Atlanta metropolitan areaSnellville, GeorgiaCobb County, GeorgiaSandy Springs, Georgia

Question 3: ________ - 5.7 million (2008 est.), GMP: $378.3 billion
Sugar Land, TexasHarris County, TexasBaytown, TexasGreater Houston

Question 4: ________ - 3.0 million (2008 est.), GMP: $160.2 billion
Southern BorderImperial County, CaliforniaCarlsbad, CaliforniaSan Diego County, California

Question 5: (________, who was from Michigan, served as President following Richard Nixon's resignation but was not elected as President, and lost to Georgia's Jimmy Carter in the 1976 election.)
George H. W. BushDwight D. EisenhowerRonald ReaganGerald Ford

Question 6: The ________ occupies much of the same geography as the Sun Belt, with the exception of the southwest.
Bible BeltVirginiaUnited StatesTexas

Question 7: Additionally the traditional lure of cheaper labor markets in the belt compared to many of the older industrial centers has been eroded by the overseas ________ trend of the recent decade.
Fair tradeGlobalizationASEANOutsourcing

Question 8: [7] Communities in California are making plans to build potentially multiple ________ plants to supply fresh water and avert near-term crises.
DesalinationElectrodialysis reversalMultiple-effect distillationMulti-stage flash distillation

Question 9: As of 2005 the ________ projected that approximately 88% of the U.S.
New EnglandMidwestern United StatesSouthern United StatesUnited States Census Bureau

Question 10: ________ are becoming common problems in the region.
Peak waterWater crisisDroughtOverpopulation

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