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Question 1: This mass is not destroyed to create the energy, rather, the mass is carried away in the radiated energy, as described by the concept of ________.
Lorentz ether theorySpecial relativityPhotonMass–energy equivalence

Question 2: Like other natural phenomena, the Sun has been an object of veneration in many cultures throughout human history, and was the source of the word ________.
EasterMondayWeek-day namesSunday

Question 3: During this era, which is known as the Maunder minimum or ________, Europe experienced very cold temperatures.
Climate changeGlacierLittle Ice AgeCurrent sea level rise

Question 4: What does the following picture show?

  Measurements of solar cycle variation during the last 30 years
  The sun shows a C3-class solar flare (white area on upper left), a solar tsunami (wave-like structure, upper right) and multiple filaments of magnetism lifting off the stellar surface.
  The heliospheric current sheet extends to the outer reaches of the Solar System, and results from the influence of the Sun's rotating magnetic field on the plasma in the interplanetary medium.[60]
  During a total solar eclipse, the solar corona can be seen with the naked eye, during the brief period of totality.

Question 5: The solar heavy-element abundances described above are typically measured both using spectroscopy of the Sun's photosphere and by measuring abundances in ________ that have never been heated to melting temperatures.
Impact craterMeteoriteImpact eventMeteoroid

Question 6: [26] This is suggested by a high abundance of heavy elements in the ________, such as gold and uranium, relative to the abundances of these elements in so-called Population II (heavy element-poor) stars.
EarthPlanetSolar SystemSun

Question 7: Worship of the Sun was central to civilizations such as the Inca of South America and the ________ of what is now Mexico.
Pre-Columbian eraMesoamerican chronologyAztecInca Empire

Question 8:
When was the Sun?
January 2010

Question 9: When observing the Sun with appropriate filtration, the most immediately visible features are usually its ________, which are well-defined surface areas that appear darker than their surroundings because of lower temperatures.
Solar variationSunspotCoronaSolar cycle

Question 10: Sunspots are regions of intense magnetic activity where ________ is inhibited by strong magnetic fields, reducing energy transport from the hot interior to the surface.

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