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Question 1: During the ________, wrestlers would wear a fringed kesho-mawashi during the bout, whereas today these are worn only during pre-tournament rituals.
Edo periodTokugawa YoshinobuBakumatsuTokugawa shogunate

Question 2: There are six divisions in sumo: ________ (maximum 42 wrestlers), jūryō (fixed at 28 wrestlers), makushita (fixed at 120 wrestlers), sandanme (fixed at 200 wrestlers), jonidan (approximately 230 wrestlers), and jonokuchi (approximately 80 wrestlers).
MakuuchiAsashōryū AkinoriHakuhō ShōAkebono Tarō

Question 3: ________ are determined by a wrestler's score over the 15 days.
Premier LeagueAFC AjaxS.L. BenficaPromotion and relegation

Question 4: All entry by amateur athletes into the professional ranks is subject to them being young enough (under 23) to satisfy the entry requirements, barring qualification as a ________ (under 25).
Terao TsunefumiGlossary of sumo termsSumoGyōji

Question 5:
Where does Sumo come from?
Japan ,
Spain & Japan
South Korea and Japan

Question 6: In 2002, ________ and Mark Duggan replicated and expanded upon Benjamin's research, although not crediting The Joy of Sumo.
James HeckmanJohn A. ListSteven LevittKevin M. Murphy

Question 7: Musashimaru, born in ________ but from Hawaii, became the second foreigner to reach sumo's top rank in 1999.
Solomon IslandsNauruSamoaTonga

Question 8: After the winner is declared, an off-stage gyōji (or referee) determines the ________ (or winning technique) used in the bout, which is then announced to the audience.

Question 9: The excessive intake of alcohol can lead to liver problems and the stress on their joints can cause ________.

Question 10: Most of the rest of the current forms within the sport developed in the early ________.
Edo periodBakumatsuTokugawa shogunateTokugawa Yoshinobu

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