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Summerland Oil Field: Quiz


Question 1: Two ________, named Hilda and Hazel, formerly stood on this field; they were dismantled in 1996 and production from this field ended.
SkyscraperAdditionally guyed towerOil platformConstruction

Question 2: Founded in 1889, originally the town had been a spiritualist community consisting of a cluster of small houses around a central building in which ________ were held.
SéanceMediumshipSpiritismHarry Houdini

Question 3: The Summerland field is contained in a series of ________ units in a trough known as the Carpinteria Basin.
SandstoneGeologyGeologic time scaleSedimentary rock

Question 4: The Summerland Oil Field (and Summerland Offshore Oil Field) is an inactive oil field in ________, about four miles east of the city of Santa Barbara, within and adjacent to the unincorporated community of Summerland.
Santa Barbara County, CaliforniaSanta Maria, CaliforniaVentura County, CaliforniaSan Luis Obispo County, California

Question 5: Another unit underneath the Casitas Formation, the Oligocene-age Vaqueros Sandstone, also contains considerable quantities of petroleum, with the capping unit being the impermeable ________-age Rincon Formation.
LanghianPlioceneMioceneGeologic time scale

Question 6: The first finds of petroleum were extremely heavy oil – API gravity of 7, so essentially ________ – but undeterred, they continued searching for more marketable oil.


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