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Summa Theologica: Quiz


Question 1: Being a monk is greater than being married and even greater in many ways than being a priest, but it is not as good as being a ________.

Question 2: It is famous for its five arguments for the existence of God, the ________ (Latin: five ways).
Divine simplicityApophatic theologyThomas AquinasQuinque viae

Question 3: In this connection the thoughts of the unity, ________, unchangeableness, and goodness of the highest being are deduced.
InfinityLarge numbersTransfinite numberNumber

Question 4: Martyrs, teachers of the faith (doctors), and virgins, in that order, receive special crowns in ________ for their achievements.

Question 5: The Summa's topics follow a cycle: the existence of God, God's creation, Man, Man's purpose, ________, the Sacraments, and back to God.
New TestamentGospelJesusChrist

Question 6: The principles of ________[12] and natural law.
Thomas AquinasAristotlePlatoJust War

Question 7: The greatest ________ of all, the ultimate good, consists in the beatific vision.

Question 8: Writer of the dominant theological text for the time, called The Sentences, commentaries on the writings of the ________.
East–West SchismDoctor of the ChurchTimeline of ChristianityHistory of the Catholic Church

Question 9: Rabbi Moses: Rabbi Moses ________ was a Jewish rabbinic scholar, a near-contemporary of Aquinas.
MaimonidesSoulThomas AquinasAverroes

Question 10: Both monks and bishops are in a state of ________.
PlatoImmanuel KantPerfectionGottfried Leibniz


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