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Sultanate of Banten: Quiz


Question 1: The Sultanate of Banten was founded in the sixteenth century and centered in Banten, a port city in northwest ________; the contemporary English spelling of both was "Bantam".
Central JavaBaliJavaIndonesia

Question 2: In 1600 the Dutch set up the ________, (Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie or VOC).
French East India CompanyDutch East India CompanyEast India CompanyDutch West India Company

Question 3: From the beginning it was obviously Hasanuddin’s intention to revive the fortunes of the ancient ________ for his own benefit.
MajapahitMataram KingdomSunda KingdomHistory of Indonesia

Question 4: In fact, an ulema known today as Sunan Gunung Jati settled in Banten Girang, with the intention of spreading the world of ________ in this still pagan town.
Muslim historyMosqueIslamIslamic schools and branches

Question 5: It is said to have been founded by Sunan Gunungjati, who later went on to found ________.
West JavaBogorCirebonBandung

Question 6: Maulana Yusuf led the attack to Dayeuh Pakuan, Pajajaran capital city located in modern ________.
BandungWest JavaDepokBogor

Question 7: On the ruins of the Javanese town, he founded ________ (now Jakarta), which become the serious rival for Banten and contributed to its decline.
Dutch East India CompanyIndonesiaMaluku IslandsHistory of Jakarta


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