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Sulfur dioxide: Quiz


Question 1: The combustion of ________ and organosulfur compounds proceeds similarly.
Nitric oxideHydrogen sulfideCarbon monoxideNitrous oxide

Question 2: Action of hot ________ on copper turnings produces sulfur dioxide.
Hydrochloric acidSulfuric acidAcetic acidAmmonia

Question 3:
What is Sulfur dioxide also known as?
Thulium oxide
Sulfurous acid, calcium salt
Sulfuric anhydride
Sulfur oxide

Question 4: Fuel additives, such as ________ additives and magnesium oxide, are being used in gasoline and diesel engines in order to lower the emission of sulfur dioxide gases into the atmosphere.

Question 5: Sulfur dioxide is an important compound in winemaking, and is designated as parts per million in wine, ________: E220.
SucraloseHigh-fructose corn syrupE numberSaccharin

Question 6: The roasting of sulfide ores such as pyrite, sphalerite, and ________ (mercury sulfide) also releases SO2:

Question 7: Prior to the development of freons, sulfur dioxide was used as a ________ in home refrigerators.

Question 8: Since ________ and petroleum often contain sulfur compounds, their combustion generates sulfur dioxide.
CoalWind powerHydroelectricityGrid energy storage

Question 9: Sulfur dioxide can react with 1,3-dienes in a ________.
CyclopropaneSimmons–Smith reactionCarbeneCheletropic reaction

Question 10: Sulfur dioxide is an intermediate in the production of sulfuric acid, being converted to sulfur trioxide, and then to oleum, which is made into ________.
AmmoniaSulfuric acidAcetic acidHydrochloric acid


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