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Sulfite process: Quiz


Question 1: [11] The concentrated brown liquor is burned in a recovery boiler, producing magnesium oxide and ________, both of which are recovered from the flue gases.
Acetic acidSulfuric acidSulfur dioxideHydrogen sulfide

Question 2: Acid hydrolysis of cellulose during sulfite pulping produces monosaccharides, predominanently mannose,[4] which can be fermented to produce ________.
EthanolAlcoholic beverageFlumazenil1,4-Butanediol

Question 3: Methylcellulose and other cellulose ether derivatives are used in a wide range of everyday products from ________ to baked goods to pharmaceuticals.
PolymerPolyurethaneAdhesiveHot melt adhesive

Question 4: The use of wood to make pulp for paper began with the development of mechanical pulping in Germany by ________ in the 1840s[4].
Pulp (paper)Friedrich Gottlob KellerCharles FenertyCai Lun

Question 5: The concentrated brown liquor can be burned in the ________ to generate steam and recover the inorganic chemicals for reuse in the pulping process or it can be neutralized to recover the useful byproducts of pulping.
Black liquorRecovery boilerKraft processLignin

Question 6: A special grade of bleached sulfite pulp is known as "dissolving pulp"[2] which is the raw material for a wide variety of cellulose derivatives, for example rayon, cellophane, ________ and methylcellulose.
Acetic acidCellulose triacetateNitrocelluloseCellulose acetate

Question 7: The counter ion can be sodium (Na+), ________ (Ca2+), potassium (K+), magnesium (Mg2+) or ammonium (NH4+).

Question 8: [4] The ________ carbocations react with bisulfite ions (HSO3-)to give sulfonates.

Question 9: Sulfite pulping was the dominant process for making wood pulp until it was surpassed by the ________ in the 1940s.
Pulp (paper)Kraft processPulp millSulfite process

Question 10: The competing chemical pulping process, the sulfate or ________ was developed by Carl F.
Kraft processPulp (paper)Pulp millSulfite process


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