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Sulfite: Quiz


Question 1: Asthmatics[9][10] and possibly people with salicylate sensitivity (or ________ sensitivity)[11][12] are at an elevated risk for reaction to sulfites.
DiclofenacNon-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugAspirinIbuprofen

Question 2: [1] Sulfites are commonly introduced to arrest fermentation at a desired time, and may also be added to wine as preservatives to prevent spoilage and ________ at several stages of the winemaking.

Question 3: Sulfites occur naturally in all ________ to some extent.
New Zealand wineChilean wineWineChardonnay

Question 4: [8] Other symptoms include sneezing, swelling of the throat, and ________.
UrticariaAtopic dermatitisContact dermatitisSystemic lupus erythematosus

Question 5: Sulfites are often used as preservatives in dried fruits, and dried ________ products.

Question 6: The structure of the sulfite anion can be described with three equivalent ________.
Orbital hybridisationValence bond theoryAromaticityResonance (chemistry)

Question 7: Sulfites (also sulphites) are compounds that contain the sulfite ion SO2−3 (additive ________ name: trioxidosulfate(2−)).
PotassiumCarbonIUPAC nomenclatureInternational Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

Question 8: There is also a non-bonded lone pair on the sulfur, so the structure predicted by ________ is trigonal pyramidal, as in ammonia (NH3).
Molecular geometryOxygenVSEPR theoryTrigonal pyramidal molecular geometry


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