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Suleiman the Magnificent: Quiz


Question 1: Even thirty years after his death "Sultan Solyman" was quoted by the English author ________ as a military prodigy in The Merchant of Venice (Act 2, Scene 1).
Shakespeare authorship questionHamletShakespeare's lifeWilliam Shakespeare

Question 2:
When was Suleiman the Magnificent born?
1493 or 1494
c. 1494

Question 3: Suleiman was born in Trabzon along the coast of the ________, probably on 6 November 1494.
Mediterranean SeaBlack SeaAegean SeaBaltic Sea

Question 4:
Who is Suleiman the Magnificent's spouse?
Gu00FClbahar Sultan
Joy Schlichting Knudson
Eulada Watt

Question 5:
Who is the father of Suleiman the Magnificent?

Question 6: In a break with Ottoman tradition, Suleiman married a ________ girl, Roxelana, who became Hürrem Sultan; her intrigues as queen in the court and power over the Sultan made her quite renowned.
Ottoman EmpireHaremOrientalismSexual slavery

Question 7:
When did Suleiman the Magnificent die?
8 Apr 1566

Question 8:
How is Suleiman the Magnificent described?
King of Northumbria
American musician
Sultan of the Ottoman Empire

Question 9:
Where was Suleiman the Magnificent born?

Question 10:
Who is Suleiman the Magnificent's mother?
Hafsa Hatun
Maru00EDa del Carmen Delgado y Fernu00E1ndez de Santaella

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