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Sulawesi: Quiz


Question 1: The modern name 'Sulawesi' possibly comes from the words sula ('island') and besi ('iron') and may refer to the historical export of iron from the rich Lake Matano ________ deposits.

Question 2:
How many metres above sea level is Sulawesi?
3,478 m
62.1 m

Question 3:

Question 4:
Which of the following is an officially recognised ethnic group in Sulawesi?

Question 5: [9] If each group can be said to have a homeland, that of the ________ – today the most numerous group – was around lakes Témpé and Sidénréng in the Walennaé depression.
South SulawesiJambiRiau IslandsBugis

Question 6:
Where does Sulawesi come from?
United Kingdom

Question 7: Sulawesi (formerly known as Celebes, English pronunciation: /səˈliːbiːz/) is one of the four larger Sunda Islands of Indonesia and is situated between ________ and the Maluku Islands.
MalaysiaSoutheast AsiaBorneoSabah

Question 8: By contrast, because many birds can fly between islands, Sulawesian bird species tend to be found on other nearby islands as well, such as ________; only 34% of Sulawesi's birds are found nowhere else.
IndonesiaBorneoSoutheast AsiaMalaysia

Question 9: Bunaken National Park which protects a rich coral ecosystem has been proposed as an UNESCO ________.
United Nations Human Rights CouncilFood and Agriculture OrganizationUniversal Postal UnionWorld Heritage Site

Question 10: A large percentage of these mammals, 62% (79 species) are ________, meaning that they are found nowhere else in Indonesia or the world.


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