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Sukuk: Quiz


Question 1: This generation of money from money (simplistically, ________) is "Riba", and is forbidden.
Bond (finance)DebtInterestCredit (finance)

Question 2: Such structures are listed on exchanges, commonly Luxembourg Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange in Europe, and made tradable through conventional organisations like Euroclear or ________.
French presidential election, 2007ClearstreamNicolas SarkozyFrits Bolkestein

Question 3: As Shari’ah considers money to be a measuring tool for value and not an ________ in itself, it requires that one should not receive income from money (or anything that has the genus of money) alone.
AssetValuation (finance)Cash flow statementBalance sheet

Question 4: The implication for Islamic financial institutions is that the trading and selling of debts, receivables (for anything other than par), conventional loan lending and ________ are not permissible.
American ExpressDebit cardVisa Inc.Credit card

Question 5: The essence of sukuk, in the modern Islamic perspective, lies in the concept of asset monetization - the so called ________ - that is achieved through the process of issuance of sukuk (taskeek).
Bond (finance)SecuritizationCollateralized debt obligationMortgage-backed security

Question 6: Conservative scholars do not believe that this is effective, citing the fact that a Sakk (Islamic bond) effectively requires payment for the ________.
Solar timeImmortalityPhilosophy of space and timeTime value of money

Question 7: Part of a series on
Islamic Jurisprudence

– a discipline of ________
ShariaMuslim worldIslamic studiesIslamic theology

Question 8: Since fixed income, interest bearing bonds are not permissible in ________, Sukuk securities are structured to comply with the Islamic law and its investment principles, which prohibits the charging, or paying of interest.
Islamic schools and branchesMosqueMuslim historyIslam

Question 9: Debt certificates can be only bought before the finance occurs and then held to maturity from an Islamic perspective, which is critical on debt trading at market value regarding any difference to be like the prohibited ________ (interest on money).
Islamic economic jurisprudenceRibaIslamic inheritance jurisprudenceIslamic banking

Question 10: In the meantime a rent is being paid, which is often benchmarked to an interest rate like ________ (which is disliked by Sharia Scholars).
Futures contractLondon Interbank Offered RateEuro Interbank Offered RateEurodollar


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