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Sukhoi Su-34: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following are related to Sukhoi Su-34?
Green Wing
* Boeing F2Bn* Boeing F4B
* Su-27n* Su-30n* Su-33n* Su-35
Ace of Cakes

Question 2: ________ - 10 with 48 more on order as of 2008[17] Although, the actual number of Su-34's in service is a military secret.
Belarusian Air ForceUkrainian Air ForceAzerbaijani Air ForceRussian Air Force

Question 3: As a penetrating attack aircraft, the Su-34 incorporates an advanced multi-function ________ radar capable of terrain following and avoidance for high speed, low level operations.
Phased arrayDipole antennaLog-periodic antennaAntenna (radio)

Question 4:
What type is thing is Sukhoi Su-34?

Question 5:
What company manufactures Sukhoi Su-34?

Question 6:
What is Sukhoi Su-34's current status?
Died during a plugs-out test of the Apollo 1 Command Module
development continued & finished, ready for test flights again
Development and testing
In early production/operational testing

Question 7:
How many Sukhoi Su-34s have been built?
12 as of 2009
KC-10: 60

Question 8: [3] As of January 2010, the ________ plans to have 32 Su-34s in service by 2015.
Russian Air ForceUkrainian Air ForceBelarusian Air ForceAzerbaijani Air Force

Question 9: Powerplant:Lyulka AL-35F ________, 137.2 kN (30,845 lbf) with afterburner each

Question 10: Su-34 took part in ________ against Georgian air defense systems after Russian Air Force having loses.
First Chechen WarSecond Chechen War1991 Soviet coup d'état attempt2008 South Ossetia war


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