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Question 1: [13] Each wing also features a five-section leading edge slat, a two-section flap, and an ________.
Flying wiresAileronElevator (aircraft)Aircraft flight control system

Question 2: Guide rails for the ________ are mounted on the rear wall of the cockpit.
Ejection seatBlown flapGlobal Positioning SystemAircraft flight control system

Question 3: The first prototype, called "T-8UB-1", was rolled out in July 1985 and its maiden flight was carried out at the ________ factory airfield on 12 August of that year.

Question 4:
What type is thing is Sukhoi Su-25?
Close air support aircraft

Question 5:
What is Sukhoi Su-25's current status?
Some remain in active service
Active service.
Metro-North: out-of-Service; Housatonic: active freight
Active service

Question 6: The ________ is located in a compartment beneath the cockpit, mounted on a load-bearing beam attached to the cockpit floor and the forward fuselage support structure.
GunpowderArtilleryCannonCannon operation

Question 7: Over the course of the Soviet war in Afghanistan, Su-25s launched a total of 139 guided missiles of all types against ________ positions.
TalibanMujahideenIslamic terrorismAl-Qaeda

Question 8: Powerplant:Tumansky R-195 ________, 44.18 kN (9,480 lbf) each

Question 9: The pilot sits on a Zvezda K-36 ejection seat (similar to the ________), and has standard flight instruments.
Sukhoi Su-27Sukhoi Su-17Sukhoi Su-30Sukhoi Su-25

Question 10:


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