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Sukhoi Su-24: Quiz


Question 1:
How many Sukhoi Su-24s have been built?
Approximately 1400

Question 2:
What is Sukhoi Su-24's current status?
Munro Top
Active service

Question 3:
What type is thing is Sukhoi Su-24?
Dinner Theatre
Tactical All-Weather Attack aircraft

Question 4: ________: 651 kg/m² (133 lb/ft²)
F-16 Fighting FalconWing loadingGlider (sailplane)F-104 Starfighter

Question 5: The Moscow Defense Brief journal says that two were shot down by Georgian ________.
Strela 29K38 IglaMan-portable air-defense systemsFIM-92 Stinger

Question 6: A key feature was the ability to cruise at ________ speeds at low altitude for extended periods of time in order to traverse enemy air defenses.
SupersonicSound barrierAerodynamicsTheodore von Kármán

Question 7: The aircraft was supposed to represent a modification of the ________ interceptor (factory designation S-58).
Sukhoi Su-25Sukhoi Su-24Sukhoi Su-15Sukhoi Su-17

Question 8: The two-seat, twin-________ Su-24 carried the USSR's first integrated digital nav/attack system.
Stirling engineJet engineEngineDiesel engine

Question 9: The crew was equipped with zero-zero Zvezda K-36D ________.
Global Positioning SystemBlown flapEjection seatAircraft flight control system

Question 10: Substantial numbers of ex-Soviet Su-24s remain in service with ________, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan and Ukraine.
Georgia (country)TurkeyAzerbaijanNakhchivan


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