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Sui generis: Quiz


Question 1: For example, in ________, a statute might require a mens rea element of "unlawful and malicious" intent.
DuressTortFraudCriminal law

Question 2: In ________ there are rights which are known as being sui generis to owners of a small class of works, such as intellectual property rights in mask works, ship hull designs, databases, or plant varieties.
LawIntellectual propertyShariaHuman rights

Question 3: There has been widespread debate over the legal nature of the EU given its mixture of intergovernmental and supranational elements, with the organisation thus possessing some characteristics common to ________ and federal entities.
ConfederationFederationInterpolKyoto Protocol

Question 4: The old Holy Roman Empire may also fit under this category for its unique organization and place in ________.
History of Western civilizationHistory of LatviaHistory of FranceHistory of Europe

Question 5: In the sociology of ________, sui generis is used to illustrate his theories on social existence.
Émile DurkheimSocial theoryPositivismAnthony Giddens

Question 6: The ________ has been described as a sui generis entity possessing a international personality.
Activities of the Holy See within the United Nations systemLegal status of the Holy SeeForeign relations of the Holy SeeMultilateral foreign policy of the Holy See

Question 7: In ________, it is a term of art used to identify a legal classification that exists independently of other categorizations because of its uniqueness or due to the specific creation of an entitlement or obligation.
XeerShariaLawScots law

Question 8: [3] Courts have used the term in describing cooperative apartment corporations, mostly because this form of housing is considered ________ for some purposes and personal property for other purposes.
Real propertyProperty lawAllodial titleReal estate

Question 9: law known as the ________ is codified at 17 U.S.C.
Semiconductor Chip Protection Act of 1984Substantial similarityPatentCopyright

Question 10: In British ________ law, certain uses of land are labeled sui generis to indicate that they are not covered by a 'Use Class' – effectively in a class of their own.
ApartmentSkyscraperNew townUrban planning

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