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Sufism: Quiz


Question 1: What does the following picture show?

  Tomb of Shaikh Salim Chisti, Uttar Pradesh, India.
  Sufi gathering engaged in Dhikr
  Allah as having been written on the disciple's heart according to Qadiri Al-Muntahi order
  Allah as having been written on the disciple's heart according to Qadiri Al-Muntahi order

Question 2: A secondary consequence of this is that the seeker may be led to abandon all notions of ________ or multiplicity, including a conception of an individual self, and to realize the Divine Unity.
René DescartesBaruch SpinozaDualismMonism

Question 3: Other famous Sufi musicians from the ________ include the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Abida Parveen, and Kailash Kher.
AfricaAsiaIndian subcontinentSouth Asia

Question 4: This is the way primarily of the masters of the ________ and Shadhili orders.
Chishti OrderSufismNaqshbandiTariqah

Question 5: The practice of muraqaba can be likened to the practices of ________ attested in many faith communities.

Question 6: The use of the title Sufi by non-traditional groups to refer to themselves, and their appropriation of traditional Sufi masters (most notably ________) as sources of authority or inspiration, is not accepted by some Muslims who are Sufi adherents.
Amir KhusrowMasnaviSaadi (poet)Rumi

Question 7: He did so, and became the close follower of this spiritual master who initiated him in the way of remembrance of ________ and enlightenment.

Question 8: Singer/songwriter ________'s record The Mask and Mirror (1994) has a song called "The Mystic's Dream" that is influenced by Sufi music and poetry.
EnyaThe Visit (Loreena McKennitt album)A Midwinter Night's DreamLoreena McKennitt

Question 9: [65] Figures like ________ have become household names in the United States, where Sufism is perceived as quietist and less political.
RumiAmir KhusrowMasnaviSaadi (poet)

Question 10: The Naqshbandi order is a notable exception to this rule, as it traces the origin of its teachings from Muhammad to the first Islamic Caliph ________.
Uthman ibn AffanSalman the PersianAbu BakrAbu Ubaidah ibn al Jarrah

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