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Suffragette: Quiz


Question 1: Suffragettes carried out ________ such as chaining themselves to railings, setting fire to mailbox contents, smashing windows and on occasions setting off bombs.
Libertarian socialismAnarcho-punkAnarchismDirect action

Question 2: During ________, a serious shortage of able-bodied men ("manpower") occurred, and women were required to take on many of the traditional male roles.
World War IArmenian GenocideCaucasus CampaignWestern Front (World War I)

Question 3: ________ and Lucy Burns led a series of protests against the Wilson Administration in Washington that referred to "Kaiser Wilson" and compared the plight of the German people with that of American women.
FeminismAlice PaulSuffragetteWomen's rights

Question 4: Many of her fellow suffragettes were imprisoned and went on ________, during which they were restrained and forcibly fed and had reached the height of their campaign by 1912.
IrelandIrish republicanism1981 Irish hunger strikeHunger strike

Question 5: It derives from the word "________", meaning the right to vote.
SlaveryWomen's suffrageUniversal suffrageSuffrage

Question 6: ________ was the first self-governing country in the world to grant women the vote.
AustraliaNew ZealandNauruUnited Kingdom

Question 7: One suffragette, Emily Davison, died after she stepped out in front of the King's horse, Anmer, at the ________ of 1913.
2,000 Guineas StakesEpsom OaksSt. Leger StakesEpsom Derby


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